miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012


Our project for the final term is a corporate manual of a re- design of the URBE EFL center logo,the logo had to be re-designed because the current logo is difficult to read,and the font may be fun and pretty but it doesn't represent what the URBE EFL center is ,wich is a gathering point for all the students,from the univerity and from any part of the world to improve their knoledge in the english language,it is meant for people to meet new friends and have a great experience learning english but with the logo it has now it's difficult for people to take the EFL center seriously.My part of the proyect was to help create the logo and sometimes write or translate (since there were times it was easier to think in spanish and translate it to english later).you can see our project in SL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nova%20Vita/172/86/33
there you will also see the stands of the other projects,all related to graphic design. i already posted something about what the manual is about,check it.
here are some pictures of our group making the stand:

an here it's the manual:
we had a blast in SL it was great just talking to strangers and playing random games while i was improving my english,SL was an incredible experience for me as a designer ,especially since i'm really awful at 3D, and in SL i was able to build amazing things!!! i felt great.
this will most likely be my last post ...at least in a very long time so see you later!!!

interview with Jenne Dibou


it's a really long interview since the whole classroom wanted to ask questions,she was trying to answer them with the mic but it soon was obvious to all that we just couldn't do it because one-the sound was all weir an static and two-english was neither of us(Jenne and the classroom ) first language so between the accent and the static it was an impossible task.
she was really great,she listened to our questions with patience and answered cheerfully to all of them,she is not only talented but also a reallty nice person.

[07:31] Jenne Dibou: greetings to all :)

[07:31] Pionia Destiny: welcome

[07:31] imraff: hello jenne

[07:31] imraff: :)

[07:31] Nushita: hi!!

[07:31] sosirena: hi !!!

[07:31] nahirnmlsum25: hi :-)

[07:31] papitasyhelado: hiiiiii

[07:31] imraff: Welcome to URBE

[07:32] Pionia Destiny: Welcome to Urbe.. jenne

[07:32] Pionia Destiny: Do you have a microphone..?

[07:32] Jenne Dibou: thank you all:) still loading, but i can see already some of you

[07:32] Jenne Dibou: yepp, is this a voice event?

[07:33] No room to sit here, try another spot.

[07:33] Pionia Destiny: do you have a mic?

[07:33] Pionia Destiny: if no we can use chat

[07:33] No room to sit here, try another spot.

[07:33] Jenne Dibou: yes, let me try to set up

[07:33] Pionia Destiny: don't worry

[07:33] No room to sit here, try another spot.

[07:34] No room to sit here, try another spot.

[07:34] Pionia Destiny: please have a seat

[07:38] Anshe Chung Autumn rock 1.0 (www.anshechung.com): Free huge Landsacpe pack from Anshe Studio

[07:38] Anshe Chung Autumn rock 1.0 (www.anshechung.com): Free huge Landsacpe pack from Anshe Studio

[07:39] Anshe Chung Autumn rock 1.0 (www.anshechung.com): Free huge Landsacpe pack from Anshe Studio

[07:41] Jenne Dibou: sorry as you talk is a bit wavy sometimes too loud and sometimes silent

[07:42] Pionia Destiny: We are using the chat to introduce ourselves

[07:43] imraff: Well, Hello, I'm ImRaff in SL, I'm a Graphic designer and advertising student, I'm editorial designer on a newspaper here in my city, Nice to meet you :)

[07:43] Nushita: Hi Jenne! Im Nushita!...or Nataly :) well we are all graphic designers here...from URBE...Raff and I are making a magazine for SL!

[07:43] Jenne Dibou: (should i start? :)

[07:43] nahirnmlsum25: hello my name is nahir, im finishing the graphic design carreer, and i would love web and game designhello my name is nahir, im finishing the graphic design carreer, and i would love web and game design

[07:44] papitasyhelado: Hello, i'm Ariana i'm a graphic designer studen at URBE

[07:45] OneHornMolly: What's up, names Andres. I'm currently studing graphic design but I don't like it. It's a pleasure to meet you. :{D

[07:45] Jenne Dibou: :D

[07:45] alex: hi, my name is alexandra, i´m also a graphic design student,it's a pleasure to meet you,thanks for coming to talk to us

[07:45] imraff: I'm creating with other classmates the SECOND MAG, a magazine about SL Lifestyle, so we want to make an interview to you :)

[07:46] sosirena: Hi.... i'm Rossi... i'm graphic design student. My passions are the fashion design and the dance.

[07:46] Jenne Dibou: =) all right, but i am really bad interviews... so dont expect too much :D

[07:46] sosirena: it's nice too meet you

[07:46] Cerealbx: Hi, my name is Jessica, i'm studying graphic design, i love the animation, i want to be a cartoonist-animator and.. i'm a sexy nutritious cereal ;D

[07:46] imraff: well, the questions are easy, don't worry xD

[07:47] sosirena: haha XD don't worry

[07:47] Marianac16: Hi, I'm Mariana Carradini. I'm studing Graphic Design in URBE. I'm now in my residence because i ate some bad seafood

[07:47] Cerealbx: I feel naked :c

[07:47] Pionia Destiny: Let's start with your questions

[07:47] OneHornMolly: i AM naked....

[07:47] imraff: hahahahaha xD

[07:47] papitasyhelado: hhahahahahaha xDD

[07:47] Nushita: lol

[07:48] Pionia Destiny: Let's artr with the questions..

[07:48] Marianac16: brb.

[07:48] Jenne Dibou: all right, should i ask, or should i try to answer some of them ? :))

[07:48] Pionia Destiny: if you want to make a question... type your question and finish it with the @

[07:49] imraff: hey jenne! Since when are you in SL? @Jenne

[07:50] papitasyhelado: What do you like most about SL? @Jenne

[07:50] Nushita: well @jenne the avatar you are using now is the same one from the beginning? or has it changed too much?

[07:50] Jenne Dibou: hello Imraff, i am here in SL since 2007, and i built my first cube around april of 2007.

[07:51] Jenne Dibou: papi: i like the most, it's always changing, always something new things coming, and i can learn non-stop tinkering around^^

[07:52] Jenne Dibou: Nush: my avatar changed a lot, yes. first i was blonde, but then i decided follow my RL appearance, and i the last few years i worked on it. now matches about 75%:)

[07:52] nahirnmlsum25: how much time do you spend on SL on a regular day? "@jenne

[07:53] papitasyhelado: Do you think people can find, a job, education, love and friendship in a virtual place like SL? @Jenne

[07:53] imraff: Who invite you? or how you decided to start on this game? @Jenne

[07:53] Jenne Dibou: nahir: in 2007-2008-2009 about 14-16 hours a day. and from 2010 it reduced to cc. 6-8 hours

[07:54] nahirnmlsum25: OMG

[07:54] papitasyhelado: O M G

[07:54] Nushita: wooow

[07:54] imraff: i prefer typed

[07:55] Jenne Dibou: ok, i keep here

[07:55] OneHornMolly: @Jenne, Do you work with other 3D programs or any other designing programs?

[07:55] Jenne Dibou: so for papi: yes, i believe, SL can be a base of a nice life. certainly it must be connected somehow into RL, but yes, here can be found anything from job to relationship, etc.

[07:57] Jenne Dibou: imraff: i read about SL in a hungarian website as an interesting mmoRpg. so i gave it a shot. and i learned, the news were wrong: SL is not a game. its a second life.

[07:57] Cerealbx: @Jenne why do you select second life? Why not another 3D game online like IMVU?

[07:57] papitasyhelado: If you designed an environment in SL, how would it be like? @Jenna

[07:58] Jenne Dibou: One: i usually work with maya. this is the first i learned, but i tried almost all of them. i am always seeking for the best pipeline for SL and it changes. depends on the job, and the version of SL viewer

[07:58] Marianac16: @Jenne, Have you tried to do 3D designs in other places besides Second Life?

[07:59] Jenne Dibou: Cereal: i tried one another world, that already closed... forgot the name, other creators moved there to try it. but i think any other virtual world is so nice complex as SL. and well.... i know mostly only this one ^^

[08:00] sosirena: What inspires you to design?@jenne

[08:00] Jenne Dibou: papi again about the enviroment: its always abandoned, and ruined a bit, but still can be seen, it was fancy once a long time ago

[08:00] imraff: do you work alone? or you have a group work?

[08:00] imraff: @jenne

[08:01] Jenne Dibou: Marian: yes, i worked in some other small projects, but i made only mesh models, nothing more. actually i dont like model too much on the computer, i prefer clay, water and dirt^^

[08:02] Jenne Dibou: sosi: my inspirations coming from everywhere. any kind of art, or any part of life. i just got impulses, and it mirrors back in my creations.

[08:03] nahirnmlsum25: what do you do specifically? in what area are you really good at? Or waht area do like the most?

[08:03] Jenne Dibou: imraff: i make my models alone, but i can not script. i am too dumb for that, i have a partner: Mandy Marseille, she makes all my scripts and sounds.

[08:04] OneHornMolly: @Jenne- Are you an afficionado, or, did you study some sort of Design school?

[08:04] Jenne Dibou: nahir: i like to rest a lot, and enjoy the life:) and i think, i am not really good in 3d, its just a luck, that my feelings can come through my works.

[08:05] imraff: On your country, is well known SL? Is something famous, do you know people from your country?

[08:06] Jenne Dibou: One: i studied as 2d designer and a window-dresser. also studied art of history at the university, but i never finished that. found too boring :)

[08:07] Jenne Dibou: imraff: in my country people think about SL as a game. mostly young people playing it as rpg, a 3d facebook. however, i met already some artists from hungary, but they are working induvidual, like me.

[08:08] Pionia Destiny: jenne we'd like to go to forgotten city with you...

[08:07] Pionia Destiny: would you take sus for a short stroll?

[08:07] Pionia Destiny: please select the place you would like to show us...

[08:07] Pionia Destiny: and tp us there... some of my students haven't been there yet

[08:08] Jenne Dibou: and also one of the hungarian universitates trying to make a land here, a school, but they are too low quality imho :(

[08:08] imraff: @Jenne What do you think about our appereance? which avatar took your atention since you're here? who's the most funny? who do you think is the most sexy hehehe? Talk us about that ;)

[08:09] Jenne Dibou: ok, we should go to our land, so i answer this last question

[08:09] Jenne Dibou: :D

[08:09] Jenne Dibou: i like you all!

[08:10] Jenne Dibou: you are al lovely, and i think even the stock avatars expressing your personality

[08:10] Marianac16: :D!

[08:10] imraff: thanks :D

[08:10] Andrewevp: =D Thanks!!

[08:10] Nushita: :) :D Thanks @jenne

[08:10] Jenne Dibou: all right, so should we go to the forgotten city?

[08:10] sosirena: ;) !!!

[08:11] nahirnmlsum25: yea lets go

[08:11] Pionia Destiny: yeah

[08:11] Jenne Dibou: i send TP to Pionia, so hope nobody will be lost

[08:11] Pionia Destiny: Ok

[08:13] Pionia Destiny: Forgotten City (208,53,104)

[08:13] Teleporte realizado desde Nova Vita (183,112,21)

[08:16] OneHornMolly: baaaaaaaa

[08:16] OneHornMolly: i mean...moo

[08:16] Jenne Dibou: hello all, this is one of the hovering land around in our Sim

[08:17] Jenne Dibou: here is our little shop, and also an orientation thingie, helps to teleport around the land and sky

[08:20] nahirnmlsum25: *@jenne

[08:20] Jenne Dibou: i am here, feel free to ask^^

[08:20] Pionia Destiny: students are still rezzing

[08:21] Pionia Destiny: they are little eggs..lol

[08:21] Jenne Dibou: yes, lot of things around sorry:(

[08:21] nahirnmlsum25: well jenne this is great!!!!

[08:22] Pionia Destiny: so people jenne says... all right, i think we can start here in the museum area maybe... there are some working machinery, and some pictures too... not sure, what are you interested in

[08:22] Jenne Dibou: once i tried to write a small script, about 10 line long

[08:23] Jenne Dibou: but it almost crashed the whole sim, so i gave it up

[08:23] Jenne Dibou: yes, and after that, i accidently gave you teleport to our shop area :D

[08:23] nahirnmlsum25: did you did all of this by yourself?? @jenne

[08:23] imraff: uhm

[08:23] imraff: its awesome

[08:23] Jenne Dibou: yes, all prinworks are made by me.

[08:23] Jenne Dibou: and all scripts and sounds by Mandy Marseille

[08:23] nahirnmlsum25: LOL... an waht type of sript do you use?

[08:23] nahirnmlsum25: *what

[08:23] imraff: this is big, and have so many elements

[08:23] nahirnmlsum25: well try to use...

[08:23] Jenne Dibou: i wrote a sound changer... but i failed definietly :D

[08:24] nahirnmlsum25: no i mean is what JAVA. HTML.. MYSQL, JQUERY. the name of the script.. does it have one?

[08:24] Jenne Dibou: we have on this sim about 6 levels, and some of them are whole sim size, like the winter area up in the sky

[08:24] Jenne Dibou: it was a lSl script

[08:24] OneHornMolly: ooo, winter sky

[08:24] Jenne Dibou: the built in one

[08:25] nahirnmlsum25: ohoho ok did know that script.. :S

[08:25] Jenne Dibou: but i dont like to talk about my scripting abilities, frusrating to have none :D

[08:26] nahirnmlsum25: haha dont worry you are VERY good at what you CAN do...

[08:26] Nushita: yeah this place is awesome

[08:27] Jenne Dibou: we have a lot of things around btw. a huge city at the main floor below, but you can play a working shooting gallery, the mini horse game, we have the winter area with real size ski-jump track etc. we have even a space station with an alien shooting game :D

[08:28] Jenne Dibou: maybe even a bit too much, but we were pretty busy in the last 5 years^^

[08:28] IceCreamL: *0*! woah

[08:29] imraff: wow, that is a hard work!

[08:29] Jenne Dibou: it was mostly fun, not a work.

[08:29] imraff: do you inspire on some enviroments to create the places? @Jenne

[08:30] Jenne Dibou: we experienced a lot, played with the ideas around, and all these things just came real. and even more kept in my pocket hidden :D

[08:30] imraff: i meant, the house is very different to common houses

[08:31] Jenne Dibou: imraff: i get inspired by many various things... and my houses, well.... i usually plan to build something -sometimes even have a sketch or a plan- but once done, mostly i created something really different :D

[08:31] sosirena: what we need to know for create a place like this ? @jenne

[08:32] Jenne Dibou: sos: i think not too much. using at basic level one 3d application (3dsmax, blender or maya) and have a lot of idea, and patience.

[08:32] Jenne Dibou: and linden dollar for the wrong uploads :D

[08:33] Jenne Dibou: oh, and certainly a 2d application for textures

[08:34] papitasyhelado: how can i play this?

[08:34] Nushita: how does that horse game work?

[08:34] Jenne Dibou: hmmmm... its lame, if i say, i dont know? :D

[08:34] Nushita: hahahha

[08:34] IceCreamL: aww hahaha np :3

[08:34] Jenne Dibou: Mandy makes things alive... but i think you must sit, and then click on the horse... or something like this

[08:35] TavooR: I touch the horser but... nothing happend lol

[08:35] TavooR: horses*

[08:35] OneHornMolly: you touched me?!

[08:35] Jenne Dibou: :)))

[08:35] TavooR: totally dude

[08:35] TavooR: :$

[08:35] TavooR: xDDD

[08:36] Jenne Dibou: i would say, you should try the shooting galler, i know that how works^^

[08:36] Jenne Dibou: this statue here is maybe interesting

[08:36] Jenne Dibou: the baldie with the hat

[08:36] BUNNY (?): hop

[08:36] BUNNY (?): mennyémá odébb

[08:37] TavooR: well, let's go to the shooting galley! :D

[08:37] BUNNY (?): hop

[08:37] BUNNY (?): mennyémá odébb

[08:37] TavooR: gallery*

[08:37] BUNNY (?): mennyémá odébb

[08:37] BUNNY (?): hop

[08:37] BUNNY (?): mennyémá odébb

[08:37] BUNNY (?): mennyémá odébb

[08:37] BUNNY (?): mennyémá odébb

[08:37] BUNNY (?): hop

[08:37] Jenne Dibou: it was my first render in my life :)

[08:37] Jenne Dibou: and also my first sculpt statue

[08:37] TavooR: great job!

[08:37] TavooR: its pretty cool

[08:37] Jenne Dibou: i could use maya only so badly, that i could not even rotate and position the lofted surfaces in the working area :D

[08:38] TavooR: can u come with me to the shooting galley?

[08:38] Seat: Please attach your poker HUD before sitting to the table!

[08:38] Jenne Dibou: sure, lets check over there

[08:38] JD MTF Poker: There is not enough players to start a game.

[08:40] Jenne Dibou: its in the Objects folder

[08:41] Jenne Dibou: and looks like this

[08:41] Jenne Dibou: then you just stand here, go to mouselook mode, and shoot the things running around:)

[08:42] Jenne Dibou: like this, but better :)

[08:43] Jenne Dibou: all these things need a bit excercise, but after that really easy, and a bit fun too :)

[08:43] Jenne Dibou: going to mouselook you can by rolling the mouse wheel forward

[08:44] Jenne Dibou: try it Ice... or press the M button off-chat

[08:44] Nushita: :o careful with that gun...haha

[08:44] Jenne Dibou: yepp, like that

[08:44] Jenne Dibou: if it turns to red, you hit it

[08:45] Jenne Dibou: and the gun has a cork bullet, so dont worry:)

[08:46] Jenne Dibou: :D

[08:46] Jenne Dibou: wow it sounds now like a war:)

[08:46] Nushita: hahah

[08:47] Jenne Dibou: Nush, if you push the arrows up and down

[08:47] Jenne Dibou: the swing swings

[08:47] Jenne Dibou: and it works like a real one

[08:47] Jenne Dibou: and works with the SL physics

[08:47] Nushita: ohh nice..

[08:47] TavooR: hahahaha this is so much fun! :D

[08:47] Nushita: :D

[08:47] Nushita: :o scary...

[08:47] Jenne Dibou: hmmm just a bit low :)

[08:47] Jenne Dibou: must set it

[08:48] Pionia Destiny: Thanks so much.. we have to leave now...

[08:48] TavooR: heeey thanks for the lovely conversation today! :D

[08:48] Jenne Dibou: like this

[08:48] Pionia Destiny: it was great

[08:48] Nushita: :o we got to goooo @jenne but thanks a lot! your place is fun and awesome!

[08:48] IceCreamL: omg that was fun *0*!! thank u so much for everything <3 thx for your time

[08:48] TavooR: heeey thanks for the lovely conversation today! :D

[08:48] alex: we have to go, it was a pleasure meeting you thank you for your time

[08:48] Jenne Dibou: :D sorry i could not show more... but feel free to come anytime

[08:49] Pionia Destiny: we will write on our blogs and will give you the links to see..them